Our LED lights have been designed and developed in-house. Our mechanical engineers equipped with CAD workstation take every care to design new lights to ensure that the lights meet the best manufacturing and quality standards. Thermal simulation ensure that the thermal management is optimum for the long life of the LED luminaires.

Our in-house tools making ability allows us in making high quality tools in short time. This helps us in introducing new parts quickly and of highest quality.

Goldwyn designs its own electronics drivers for use in our vast range of LED lights. High quality and reliability of the drivers is ensured right from the design stage. Advanced features of our drivers ensure that we remain at the forefront of LED technology.

In Goldwyn 3D printing technologies allows product designers to find new ways of designing the LED Lights products, getting to hold the tangible product to be, in hand, clears all lines of communication. With a prototype you can test the market by unveiling it to potential buyers. Getting buyer’s response to the product before it actually goes into production is a valuable way to verify the product has market potential.