Goldwyn has a modern manufacturing plant in Noida, India, to design and manufacture LED luminaires. The manufacturing philosophy of Goldwyn is to produce all critical components and assemblies in the plant, so as to maintain high quality and reliability in our LED lighting products.

Goldwyn designs and manufactures the electronic drivers. We use CAD workstations and SMD card assembly to design and produce proprietary electronic hardware with power surge protection to overcome harsh conditions of usage. In addition, we have the capability to design and manufacture plastic moulds for optical lens and mould lens on CNC plastic injection moulding machines using specialized plastic compounds. Our design team takes care to use special components and consumables for effective thermal dissipation, which ensures long life without deterioration in light output of the LEDs sourced from reputed international companies.

Our investment in powder coating plant for an excellent finish allows us the flexibility to produce new LED lights in the shortest possible time to meet our customers' delivery schedules.

Backed by a state-of-the-art lighting laboratory with high performance photometric equipment to precisely measure light output and create lighting files for all our products, we are able to deliver high performance, aesthetically designed luminaires for a wide range of exterior and interior lighting applications.

Our dedicated team of design and production engineers and workers ensure that high reliability and quality is built into every Goldwyn luminaire for total customer satisfaction.

All plastic parts including lenses are injection moulded in-house. This provides su with the best quality and finish in the moduled parts for better light output.

The powder coating facility has a comprehensive seven stage process of degreasing, water rinse, surface activation, phosphating or chromate, water rinse and passivation. The powder is charged by a electrostatic spray gun. The curing oven with controlled temperature ensures high finish.

The best in-class SMD assembler from Juki in used for all SMD mounting. All the drivers designed and developed in-house and light engines are populated automatically ensuring reliability of the drivers and the light engines.

High skilled technicians assemble reliable and robust drivers using the latest testing and assembly equipment.

Trained technicians assemble luminaires using on-line automation and testing and produce high quality lights efficiently.

A modern and efficient warehouse equipped with automatic storage system for electronic components ensure that the raw materials and finished products are stored in the best condition.