Ligh‎ting accounts for a major expenditure on power costs. LED lights provide the possibility to make substantial savings on power bills. 

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who do not wish to stress their cash flow have an option to take advantage of Goldwyn's "Smart Lease Plan".

Goldwyn now offers you affordable leasing options for the LED lights that you wish to install in your business premises. Goldwyn has tied up with a reputable lease finance ‎company which specialises in providing lease finance to SME's who wish to invest in energy saving devices such as LED lights. Innovative leasing solutions tailored to suit your circumstances are offered through an association with the lease finance company so that you can take the benefits of energy saving potential from day one without making a major capital expenditure outlay.

The “Smart Lease Plan” enables SME's to "pay from savings"‎ for their investment in Goldwyn's LED lights. Typically, the lease rentals under Goldwyn's “Smart Lease Plan” will get paid from the cumulative savings in energy consumption and low maintenance cost by installing Goldwyn's LED lights. 

Goldwyn will provide support to SME 's wanting to take advantage of the “Smart Lease Plan” by introducing them to the leasing company we associate with, and providing the estimate of the cost savings and pay back period in support of the SME's application for lease finance. 

Goldwyn's “Smart Lease Plan” means that you can: 

  • Fund the benefits from LED lights from energy and maintenance savings
  • Free up your capital for other business investments
  • Enjoy flexible lease periods suited to your circumstances
  • Take support of Goldwyn's data on savings and pay back calculation for quick acceptance of your proposal by the lease finance company
  • Retain the LED lights and it's continuing saving benefits at the end of the lease period


Please talk to our sales team to get to know the savings for the LED lights you require, and how you can apply and benefit from Goldwyn's “Smart Lease Plan”.